U.S. trade body to move ahead with duties against Canadian glossy paper products

November 23, 2015

By: News 957

The U.S. International Trade Commission has voted to move ahead with a series of costly duties against Canadian mills that produce glossy paper products.

The decision, posted today on the commission’s website, was part of the final phase of a countervailing duty investigation concerning supercalendered paper.

Under a decision released last month the U.S. said it would impose duties ranging from 17.87 to 20.18 per cent against Canadian mills.

The trade action is the result of a petition filed by two American producers of supercalendered paper that say the Canadian paper goods are unfairly subsidized.

Nova Scotia mill Port Hawkesbury Paper faces a 20.18 per cent duty under the ruling.

Nova Scotia’s Trade Minister Michel Samson says the province will work with Ottawa to advance a challenge of the U.S. ruling under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

By: News 957

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  1. Mike Clarke RPF says:

    Grasping at straws – once again

  2. J Mc says:

    So I guess the “free trade” rules established under the TPP probably won’t be of much help to Canada’s forestry industry, just like how NAFTA screwed us over in the past. Glad to see that “free trade” is another way of America saying “do as I say, not as I do.”

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