Resolute lawsuit against Greenpeace will continue, despite setback

October 17, 2017

By: The Working Forest Staff

Resolute Forest Products remains resolute in its legal battle in the United States against Greenpeace and Stand, despite a setback on Oct. 16.

A judge in San Francisco dismissed the racketeering charges that Resolute had filed against the environmental activist organization, but left the door open for Resolute to try again.

“The Court dismissed the complaint for failure to allege certain elements of our claims with sufficient detail, and it provided Resolute with leave to correct those purported deficiencies in an amendment. We will correct those purported deficiencies in an amendment, and proceed with the case,” explains Michael J. Bowe, of Kasowtiz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP, which represents Resolute.

An Ontario news site,, summarizes: “In dismissing the racketeering case on Monday, a judge in San Francisco said Resolute had failed to provide enough detail in its allegation that Greenpeace acted with a malicious mindset.”

The judge also wrote that the defendants’ statements “constituted the expression of opinion, or different viewpoints that (are) a vital part of our democracy.”

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    It is extremely important that Resolute Forest Products continue with their case against Greenpeace. It is extremely important that they succeed, not just for themselves, not just for the Forestry Industry in Canada, but for all Canadians who see Greenpeace for what they are: Garbage. Dangerous Garbage. Since the Resolute case against Greenpeace started, I hoped that ALL Canadian Forestry companies would stand behind Resolute and support their position. I have always wanted Resolute to be “resolute” and win. Not only for themselves, but for sensible, decent and honest people and companies who strive to move forward and make Canada and its Forestry Industry successful.
    Greenpeace’s objectives seem to be the opposite of this concept.
    Lets go Resolute! We are with you!
    Gerard Berriman

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