Report on Fort McMurray wildfire critiques Alberta response

June 14, 2017

By: Edmonton Journal

A new report on the Fort McMurray wildfire suggests that if Alberta Forestry officials had used “high risk/high reward” fire ignition techniques to fight the wildfire before it hit Fort McMurray on May 3, 2016, they might have had some success quelling it, according to a story in the Edmonton Journal

The critique has some weight because the reports author, MNP, employed six wildfire specialists from across North America, three to help investigate and three to review the report. 

 Read the full story in the Edmonton Journal here.

Photo by DarrenRD via Wikimedia Commons.

By: Edmonton Journal

Your comments.

  1. Ross says:

    Apparently they had computer models illustrating what may occur but the government (political) didn’t want to pay for some resources at the start of the fire.

  2. all communities surrounded by forest should have at least a mile wide firebreak and water/pumping systems in place on their perimeters
    thats a no brainer esp in days of climate change pine beetles and dry and dead forests…

  3. Bob Elliott says:

    The link to the Edmonton Journal re the Fort Mac wildfire report doesn’t work

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