Opinion: B.C. timber supply review process is flawed

August 1, 2017

By: The Working Forest Staff

A former employee of the B.C. Forest Service criticizes forest management decisions being made by public servants in Victoria “that work against the sound management of local forests,” in a recent opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun.

Anthony Britneff worked for the B.C. Forest Service for 40 years, holding senior professional positions in inventory, silviculture and forest health. 

He states: “Rural British Columbians understand that Victoria’s timber supply review process is seriously flawed and many AAC’s are fraudulently high. It is time their political masters in the urban south understand that too.”

Read the full article here.

Your comments.

  1. Greg Lay says:

    The current Provincial forest inventory, as pointed out in this article, lacks credibility in terms of the future of forest management in British Columbia
    A decision regarding what factors determine inventory characteristics needs to clearly define the areas where natural forests are required BUT the there is also a need to determine those forest landscapes areas where managed forests can be significantly improved so as to continue to ensure an adequate timber supply to allow for an evolving prosperous forest industry

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