Ontario Strongly Opposed To Proposed Lumber Duties

May 25, 2021

By: The Working Forest Staff

CKDR–The provincial government is speaking out against proposed I.S. Commerce Department preliminary duties on softwood lumber imports from Canada.

If approved, anti-dumping rates will more than double from 8.99% to 18.32%

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakabuski says Ontario is disappointed with the decision and stresses this is a missed opportunity to bring back free trade and stop what he calls unjustified duties on Canadian lumber exports.

Yakabuski says, “As we take deliberate action to combat COVID-19 and look ahead to economic recovery, it is critical to support our forestry industry and defend the integral role it plays in the economies of Canada and Ontario.”

He adds the U.S. decision signals rising rates, and unfairly disadvantages the softwood lumber sector and the workers, families, and communities who rely on it.

The move comes at a time when demand for lumber is at an all-time high and prices are at historic levels.

Yakabuski believes the punitive trade duties will add unnecessary costs to home buyers and hurt consumers on both sides of the border.

He adds the government will continue to work with the forestry sector, other provinces, and the federal government to challenge the duties and fight for open access to the US lumber market.

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