Nova Scotia’s Forestry Sector Council appoints new Board of Directors

June 25, 2021

By: The Working Forest Staff

TRURO, NS – Nova Scotia’s forestry sector has a long and proud history of supporting communities and families across the province. After a period of significant change, the industry is poised for new growth and exciting opportunities with the establishment of the Forestry Sector Council.

Success depends on the sector being able to recruit and retain the people it needs to thrive. That is the mission of the Forestry Sector Council (FSC), a revitalized organization dedicated to developing a skilled and professional workforce for the Nova Scotia forest industry.

 Funded through the Department of Labour and Advanced Education’s Sector Council Program, FSC has just concluded it’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM), at which the organization’s new Board of Directors was appointed.

One of the most diverse boards in the industry, with five of its nine directors being women, this is an exciting development. FSC can trace its roots to the Nova Scotia Forest Industry Regional Industrial Training Committee, formed in 1989. The committee eventually evolved into the Nova Scotia Forestry Human Resources Sector Council. While the organization has been in existence for some time and has provided support for various human resources-related activities, it has grown most substantially over the last twelve months.

Prior to the appointment of the new board, interim management was provided by the executive of Forest Nova Scotia, to whom the FSC owes a debt of gratitude. The last few years have not been easy ones for Nova Scotia’s forestry sector. Despite that, the industry and its people have survived and are looking forward to a bright and optimistic future.

 FSC is excited to play a key role in that transformation and will champion the sustainable growth the industry needs.

 Members of the Board of Directors include Andrew Fedora, Chair who is currently Leader in Sustainability & Outreach for Port Hawkesbury Paper, with over 25 years’ experience in the forestry sector.

Cassie Turple, First Vice-Chair Cassie is a third-generation sawmiller from Enfield, Nova Scotia. She is an Executive Member and Past President of the Wood Product Manufacturers Association of Nova Scotia (WPMANS).

Amanda Mombourquette, Second Vice Chair Amanda was elected to the municipal council in Richmond County in 2020 and currently serves as both the Councillor for District 4 and Warden.

Jocelyn Taylor Archibald, Executive Committee Member Jocelyn has been employed with Taylor Lumber Company Limited for over 15 years in various roles, from woods crew to management. She has served industry board tenures, including being the first female Director and Chair of the Maritime Lumber Bureau.

Elizabeth Jessome Elizabeth is the Mi’kmaq Forestry Initiative Project Manager at the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources.

 Heidi MacInnis Heidi has been employed with Port Hawkesbury Paper as Human Resources Manager since 2012.

David Meister David is a part-time forestry professional who operates a sixth-generation forestry operation in New Ross.

 Adam Scott Adam is currently a Project Manager with Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants Ltd. and has 15 years of experience in silviculture.

Marcus Zwicker is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Freeman Lumber, after spending nearly six years as the General Manager of WestFor Management.

“The most important ingredient to success for Nova Scotia’s forestry sector is its people. The FSC is committed to building a workforce that is like our forests—sustainable, diverse, and growing. We thank our board members for stepping up to achieve our vision, ensuring a sustainable future for this industry and the people who work in it,” Heather Boyd, Executive Director, Forestry Sector Council.

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