Minister Wilkinson Strengthens Canada’s International Leadership on Clean Energy Transition at COP26

November 11, 2021

By: The Working Forest Staff

GLASGOW, United Kingdom, CNW – The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss pose enormous threats to long-term sustainability, global security, and economic well-being around the globe. Canada, alongside others in the international community, must rapidly reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. However, confronting climate change in thoughtful ways also offers the potential for significant economic opportunities for businesses, communities, and workers in Canada and around the world. The Government of Canada remains committed to ambitious climate action at home and abroad and is working with international partners to build a sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future for all.

Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson joined Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault in Glasgow for the Conference of the Parties (COP26) to increase Canada’s climate ambition and action and to deliver on key initiatives intended to accelerate the international community’s transition toward a low-carbon future.

During COP26, Minister Wilkinson participated in several events and made important announcements to highlight and strengthen Canada’s leadership on the clean energy transition. The Minister:

  • Announced that Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, the East African Development Bank and over 20 other countries will end new direct international public support for the unabated fossil fuel sector by the end of 2022;
  • Attended a press conference with German State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth that reinforced Canada’s commitment to the Climate Finance Delivery Plan and the goal of mobilizing $100 billion per year in climate finance. The forward-looking Delivery Plan shows that developed countries will make significant progress towards the $100 billion goal in 2022 and provides confidence that it will be met in 2023. The data also provides confidence that developed countries can mobilize more than $100 billion per year thereafter through to 2025.
  • Participated in a roundtable with Bill Gates and Chilean Minister of Energy and Mining Juan Carlos Jobet at the Mission Innovation (MI) and Breakthrough Energy (BE) Innovation Summit to mark the launch of Breakthrough Energy’s new partnership with Mission Innovation to drive investment in clean tech innovation;
  • Participated in a panel discussion with International Energy Agency’s Executive Director Fatih Birol and Chilean Minister of Energy and Mining Juan Carlos Jobet to discuss how the IEA, Chile and Canada are promoting the production and use of low-emissions hydrogen as a clean fuel;
  • Spoke at the Global Youth Energy Outlook Launch Event with international youth leaders on the findings of their Global Youth Energy Outlook, which Natural Resources Canada helped fund;
  • Participated in the Just Climate Energy – Indigenous Renewable Energy Microgrids for Energy Transition Event, which kicked off a partnership between Canada and the International Renewable Energy Agency to support the transition of remote communities around the world to renewable energy;
  • Attended an event led by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the European Union where Canada highlighted its leadership in supporting workers and reiterated its support for the IEA Global Commission on People-Centred Energy Transition’s recommendations; and
  • Spoke at the Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Dialogue, hosted by former British Prime Minister Theresa May, where Minister Wilkinson discussed specific actions to protect forests in Canada and around the world.

The Minister also held numerous bilateral meetings with international counterparts, provincial ministers and other organizations participating at COP26. These included meetings with Secretary Granholm of the U.S. and EU Commissioner of Energy Kadri Simson.

The Minister will return to Canada having taken significant new action to further Canada’s leadership on the clean energy transition.


“COP26 is a pivotal moment for the global community, where nations have the opportunity to set themselves on a path to achieving what is required to keep 1.5 degrees Celsius on the table. I’m proud to say that Canada has delivered, demonstrating significant leadership with respect to our increased targets, the energy transition, international climate finance and nature protection. We will take the momentum gathered here in Glasgow back to Canada, where we will continue to drive ambitious climate action at home for families, communities and businesses.”  

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson
Minister of Natural Resources


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