Hoskin Scientific Introduces The YSI ProSwap Logger: Monitoring Made Simple

July 13, 2021

By: The Working Forest Staff

ProSwap Logger is a single-port monitoring sonde with built-in temperature and depth sensors. Designed for use with any single ProDSS Digital Smart Sensor, ProSwap Logger is a cost-effective and customizable monitoring solution combined with field-proven water quality sensing technology.

ProSwap Logger features a universal port for a wide variety of real-time monitoring applications. Combine any digital smart sensor with the built-in temperature and depth sensors for more comprehensive measurements in a slim profiling package. Build a dedicated system for conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, or algae monitoring applications with unique customization options.

To discuss your pressure sensor applications please contact us at;
Oakville, ON salesb@hoskin.ca, Burnaby, BC salesv@hoskin.ca and Montreal, QC salesm@hoskin.ca

For additional information contact www.hoskin.ca

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