Caribou relocation in Ontario begins

January 15, 2018

By: The Working Forest Staff

The Ontario government has begun an operation to move a threatened herd of caribou from a remote island because they are being hunted by wolves.

According to CTV News, the operation began on Jan. 13, and “involves rounding up the remaining caribou off Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior and transporting them by helicopter to the nearby Slate Islands.”

CTV News says the protocol for this operation is for healthy caribou to be netted, sedated, blindfolded and then transported two at a time.

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Your comments.

  1. Tim W says:

    If they are worried about the wolves then take care of the PROBLEM at the source. Several years ago the fish and game did this in Idaho to replenish a population of Canadian herds that no longer wanted to venture down into Idaho. The result was they ended up killing 75% of the animals they flew in, due mainly to shock – go figure! Get rid of the wolves, that is the problem.

  2. dave zeppa says:

    so why don’t we just control the wolves instead of this expensive endeavor??

  3. doug says:

    So the wolves are killing all the Cariboo? I thought all the wingnuts and dickybirds blamed it on Forestry Operations and Habitat Loss in Northwestern Ontario. I guess that was all bullshit dreamed up by Environmentalists to make forestry look bad.

  4. Luc Champagne says:

    I believe this idea of moving the cariboo heard to Slate Island will be an epic failure by our Liberal government. It won’t heed the advice of the local native band or non government experts on the matter.
    What happens when lake Superior freezes over again and Slate Island becomes accessible to wolves? What will become of the wolves on Michipicoten Island? Will they cannibalize themselves? Is that ok for the MNRF ?
    Why not have the local native band walk through Michipicoten Island and cull enough wolves to enable both species to live together?
    This is the system used a few years ago when the deer population had overrun Pinery Provincial park.

  5. Lee Thurston says:

    Have they figured out what they are going to do with the wolves once they take their food supply away?

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