Canada’s forest sector supports swift passage of CUSMA

January 31, 2020

By: The Working Forest Staff

The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, tabled a motion bringing Canada closer to an updated North American free trade agreement with the Canada, U.S., Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) applauds this effort to provide clarity for Canadian businesses and exporters.

“Canada’s forest products sector contributes over $73 billion annually to the national economy and exports to 177 countries,” noted Derek Nighbor, president and CEO of FPAC. “Canada is globally recognized as a responsible supplier of forest products and the responsible way in which we manage our forests is very much a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. FPAC strongly supports the government’s commitment to free trade and to the swift ratification of CUSMA so that we can continue to deliver economic opportunities to Canadians.”

Your comments.

  1. George Delisle says:

    How can anyone involved with the forest Industry be happy with the latest NAFTA update. The forest sector was not even on the radar when this was discussed. We were part of the forgotten tribe called Western Canada. We have got screwed for the last 30 years more or less with so called free trade with the States. The independent log suppliers were even worse off as they never received a dime of the tariffs that were returned to Canada. The major manufacturing plants received huge sums of money when most of the tariff was returned. What did they do with it? They went down south of the border and bought up mills down there that are now competing with our mills in Canada. I guess we got the government we deserve when we think they did us a big favor by screwing us again. George Delisle

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