Canada takes next step in softwood lumber dispute

November 30, 2017

By: The Working Forest Staff

OTTAWA – The federal government formally requested World Trade Organization (WTO) consultations with the United States concerning the recent anti-dumping and countervailing duty determinations on imports of certain softwood lumber products from Canada.

A statement from Global Affairs Canada says the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision to impose punitive duties on Canadian softwood lumber producers is “unfair, unwarranted and deeply troubling.”

The Government of Canada has also challenged the countervailing duties under Chapter 19 of the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Softwood lumber: Final duties imposed but it’s not over yet

Your comments.

  1. Glenn Boothe says:

    It is most unfortunate but has to be done. The lobbyists are still ruling the roost in Washington even though Mr Trump had indicated he would put a stop to the glad handing. Perhaps sooner rather than later would be nice?

    Rembos is proud member of the Association of Lumber Re-manufacurers of Ontario (ALRO). This is an association compromised of Independent lumber Re-Manufacturers. We are currently paying the highest duties of all softwood lumber exporters from Canada. Job loss is inevitable in the reman world come the new year. We purchase our raw material at arms length, have to re-manufacture, suffer significant yield loss and pay the highest duty rates! A totally intolerable situation.

    There is nothing “fair” about the lumber stalemate with the United States. The so called Coalition for FAIR Lumber Imports is anything but. The group is only interested in lining their own pockets. THAT is why they exist.

    Canada does NOT subsidize the softwood industry. We operate differently than they do on the US side yes…..that doesn’t make it wrong.

    Go GoC Go!

    Eat them up at WTO!

    Glenn Boothe
    Managing Partner
    Rembos Inc.

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