Be Bear Wise while camping

July 26, 2021

By: The Working Forest Staff

  • Always call 911 in an emergency.
    Call 1-866-514-2327 to report a sighting.
    TTY 705-945-7641
    Packing checklist:
     Long ropes for hanging food and garbage
     Whistle or air horn
     Bear spray
     Long-handled axe
     Dog leash
     Garbage bags
     Easily prepared food
    When enjoying Ontario’s campsites, lakes, forests, or hiking trails, remember you are in a natural bear habitat. Bears have a keen sense of smell and are attracted by the odour of all food and garbage. Avoid conflicts with bears while camping by being prepared and aware.
     Plan your trip with safety in mind by learning how to avoid attracting a bear.
     Teach children how to be Bear Wise and never approach or run from a bear. Keep
    children between adults while hiking.
     Think about how to safely store your food and garbage while on the campsite.
     Pack food with special care.
    Be Bear Wise:
     Look for signs of bear activity near your campsite.
     Keep dogs on a leash. The bear may follow the dog back to its owner.
     Follow the advice set out by Ontario Parks or the private campground.
     Use bear-resistant containers or sealed plastic bags to store food when camping or
    in back country.
     Hang food at least 4 metres (13 feet) above the ground and 3 metres
    (10 feet) from tree limbs.
     Never eat, cook or store food, cooking equipment or toiletries in your tent.
     Clean up at your campsite:
    o Clean fish away from your campsite
    o Burn scraps and fat droppings
    o Drain dishwater.
    Visit for more tips on being Bear Wise.

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