BCFA Letter Campaign: Text JOBS to send Premier forestry message

December 18, 2020

By: The Working Forest Staff

CAMPBELL RIVER, BC FORESTRY ALLIANCE—The BC Forestry Alliance (BCFA) is announcing that their letter campaign to the Premier has begun quite strongly and it is now offering text options for supporters. BCFA board member and spokesperson Carl Sweet announced the texting option today.

Sweet states that “texting the word JOBS to 250-999-2983 will allow hundreds of B.C. residents to send a firm but positive message to Premier John Horgan to save forestry jobs” “Anyone living in British Columbia who benefits from forestry can make a difference in less than 60 seconds using the text technique to access our letter tool” said Sweet. “We implore all forestry people in the province to take this action. The price of inaction is just too high.”

The letter directed at the Premier promotes the positive impacts of the forestry sector and the role that forestry could play in the Province’s economic recovery from covid if given a positive regulatory environment. The letter sent by forestry sector supporters has 5 ‘asks’ of the Premier:

  1. Create a dedicated working forest land base we know will be there creating generations of good jobs.
  2. Honour the BC NDP government’s pledge of no moratorium on mature forests and ensure there is no further reduction/erosion of the working forest land base.
  3. During the current crisis, take no actions that impair the livelihoods of B.C. residents.
  4. Have substantive dialogue with First Nations working towards forestry-based stability for their communities.
  5. Include small rural communities who depend on forestry in meaningful conversations about any forest management.

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