11th Annual Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference

February 12, 2021

By: The Working Forest Staff


Virtual event  for 2021 with live Q & A sessions on Thursday, March 11th 

FOREST ECONOMIC ADVISORS — 2020 saw multiple shocks to both demand and supply including COVID-19, surging North American consumption, declining fiber supplies in some regions, and surging supplies in others, as well as increased restrictions on trade. Paul Jannke, along with FEA’s Brendan Lowney and Rocky Goodnow, will discuss how markets will react to these shocks and present their forecast for 2021-2022.Paul Jannke is a Principal of Forest Economic Advisors LLC, the premier source for North American wood products analysis and information.  Paul’s main area of expertise is North American lumber markets. Having spent the past 20 years analyzing lumber markets and providing reliable, insightful forecasts, Paul has become the industry’s top economic analyst. 


With all the uncertainty in global markets, a timely sharing of current industry and market information from around the world is even more important than ever. FEA’s Virtual Conference will feature pre-recorded presentations that are distributed to delegates in advance.  On March 11th, we’ll offer a full day of summaries with live Question, Answer, and Discussion Sessions over Zoom, including 3 live panel discussions.

The Conference will feature presentations and live Q&A on the following countries and markets:

·         Global Log and Lumber Outlook

·         North and South America

·         Eastern Europe & Russia

·         Pacific Rim: China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia

·         Middle East & North Africa

In addition to the live Q&A sessions for pre-recorded presentations, there will be 3 LIVE Panel Discussions on March 11th:

·         LIVE Panel Discussion: North American Supply

·         LIVE Panel Discussion: European Lumber Imports Into US

·         LIVE Panel Discussion: North American Demand

Please click here for the Agenda Overview



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