New High-Performance 600-HP Rating for Cummins ISX

September 25, 2007

By: Cummins Inc.
Cummins Inc. has released its most powerful ISX engine in years, with 600 horsepower and 2,050 lb-ft of torque. This new rating is designed for heavy-haul customers, fleets and owner/operators who specialize in expedited freight, and performance enthusiasts in the trucking industry. Extra torque allows drivers to maintain road speed even on steep inclines, reducing the number of downshifts and fuel consumption. Maintaining a higher average road speed with less shifting also reduces driver fatigue and shortens trip time. In addition to stronger pulling power, the ISX for 2007 also includes electric actuation on the patented VG Turbo, for improved engine response across the entire power range. The Intebrake_ system, an integrated compression brake that generates over 600 braking horsepower, continues as standard equipment. Jeff Jones, Vice President - Sales and Market Communications for Cummins said _This rating has been developed to meet growing customer requests for extra pulling power. The fact that we_ve increased the torque on this engine and maintained exceptional fuel economy, while meeting the 2007 emissions regulations with a single diesel particulate filter and turbocharger, shows the true benefit of our integrated design and manufacturing capabilities. It is a testimony to the advanced thinking and visionary design of the ISX._ Cummins has been developing the technology that allows the ISX to meet today_s strict emissions standards since 2000, according to Cummins_ Technical Support Manager/Industrial Sales Manager Lucas Redpath. _Cooled EGR is the foundation for the 2007 solution,_ Redpath says. _We had the right platform in place, so when the emissions standards were accelerated in 2002, we were the first engine company to certify its products. We put a cooled-EGR subsystem on our proven engine platform, along with a patented Holset Variable Geometry Turbocharger that only has a single moving part in the hot exhaust stream._ An EGR system sends a portion of the exhaust fumes through a cooler and then re-introduces them into the fresh charge air. Cooling the exhaust gas reduces the overall temperature of the intake air into the cylinders. By reducing the intake air temperature, combustion occurs at a cooler temperature. _Today, according to feedback from customers who run multiple platforms, Cummins is the fuel economy leader,_ says Redpath. _We tested the technology for over 30 billion miles, and we believe Cummins cooled EGR is the right technology._ Manufactured in the United States in Jamestown, New York, the Cummins ISX remains the only Heavy-Duty diesel engine built with dual overhead camshafts and an integrated engine brake as standard equipment. The ISX 600 with 2050 lb-ft peak toque is scheduled to become available in the fall of 2007. Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins serves customers in more than 160 countries through its network of 550 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 5,000 dealer locations.

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