Brand new firewood processor hits market

September 30, 2010

By: The Working Forest staff

The 30 year old Multitek North America, LLC headquartered in Prentice, WI is an international leader in manufacturing hydraulic firewood processing equipment.  Multitek was started by one of the pioneers in the forest industry, Leo Heikkinen, the inventor of the Prentice knuckleboom log loader in the early 1950’s. 

  For the last 30 years, Multitek has listened to its customers and developed products to make their jobs safer and easier.  Multitek machinery can be found throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. 

  Today, Multitek manufactures 9 different sizes of firewood processors that suit the small producer all the way up to the world’s highest volume producers.  Sales Manager Marcus Steigerwaldt of Multitek says “The firewood business is a demanding business and no two businesses are alike.

(l) Marcus Steigerwaldt - Multitek Sales Manager ensures another successful delivery to an international customer

  “In order to stay ahead of our competition, we keep one ear on the ground and one hand on the drawing board.”

  Multitek’s most recent product introduction is called the 1620 SS firewood processor.  After extensive market research, Multitek’s design team worked to develop the highest production lowest maintenance cost machine for the average size firewood producer. 

  In June, 2010, Multitek introduced the 1620 SS with features that include a 40” circular saw, a 35 hp liquid cooled diesel engine, and a 20’ long 16” diameter log capacity. 

  “This new machine has many of the great features available on our larger machines, but at a fraction of the price,” says Steigerwaldt.

   “Our new patent pending guillotine style circular saw cutting motion is the secret to this machines success. We have reduced the saw cycle time by nearly 20%, eliminated saw chain sharpening, bar oil, and cut fuel consumption”. 

  The 1620 SS produces 2 to 3 cords of firewood per hour and the carbide tipped saw teeth need to be replaced after about 500 cords have been cut.  The machine comes standard with a trailer package for mobility and optional integrated conveyor systems for customers looking to move the machine in their log yards or do contract firewood cutting.  ◊



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